As of this morning, administrators with Pampa High School have taken immediate action in response to a threat made on social media.

In an information release shared on the Pampa Independent School District's Facebook page, school authorities stated that an investigation into the threats had been initiated as of this morning. The post went on to affirm that the school, all students, and staff were safe.

As part of the safety measures taken by Pampa ISD, an increased presence of law enforcement has been implemented at the high school for the safety of students and staff.

The informational release outlines the implementation of a "secure hold" at Pampa High School that took place at 11:00 am. During this period, access to and from the building is restricted.

If a parent needs to check out a student for any reason, they will have to contact the Pampa High School Office Staff who will then carry out the check-out process, accompanying the student from the building.  This protocol will remain in place until the investigation regarding this incident by law enforcement is complete.

Pampa ISD has made it clear that they are committed to treating all reported threats seriously, and will ensure a comprehensive investigation for each case.

Regular updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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