It’s been over a year since the mysterious photos of the creature at Amarillo Zoo have surfaced on the internet, and there have still been no answers as to what it is.

As time passed this strange episode in Amarillo cryptozoology slowly faded into obscurity, as many simply disregarded the photos as a hoax. But we unearthed a chilling post on Reddit, which claims to have answers regarding what this creature is.

A Haunting Story

A year ago around the time that the “wolfman” photo went viral, a post written by an anonymous user claiming to be an Amarillo Zoo employee emerged on the "NoSleep" subreddit, painting a  picture of the events surrounding this enigmatic creature.

I Work As A Zookeeper For The Amarillo Zoo And I Know What The Creature Is
by u/anonamazookeeper in nosleep

The story begins with supposed mysterious animal deaths that had apparently plagued the Zoo around the time of the sighting that was not revealed to the public. Initially, these deaths were dismissed as unfortunate occurrences, but things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Eventually, the zookeepers supposedly call the police one night after they spot the creature on security cameras. When police arrived at the scene they came face-to-face with the creature. The poster goes into detail describing how the creature looked.

They get their flashlights out and point it at this thing. It's the scariest s*** I've ever seen in my life. Eyes totally devoid of color, just milky white like some kind of demon. Sharp a** teeth.


According to the poster's story, the police officers fired at the creature when it sprinted towards them, but they were unable to hurt the creature. This prompted the officers and Zookeeper to run away and hide, watching the beast from security cameras until it finally disappeared into the night.

The poster then finally recalls speaking to a co-worker after the incident about what the creature might be. Their coworker, who was from Arizona theorizes that it may be a monster from Native American folklore. They did not name the creature out of fear of attracting bad luck but recommended that readers Google the key terms “Navajo” and “Scary” if they were interested in finding out what it is.

When I looked up the key terms “Navajo” and “Scary” one of the first results that showed up was a Wikipedia page titled “Skin-Walker”.

What Is a Skin Walker?

After looking more into it I learned Skin Walkers are witches in Navajo legends that can take the form of animals. The witches are often described as evil, and dangerous to those who encounter them. There have been countless stories, describing encounters with these witches both in Native folklore and in modern urban legends.

Reality or Fiction?

The story is pretty entertaining, but there are many details in it that call its credibility into question. For starters, why have we not heard anything about any mysterious animal deaths around the time of the sighting at the Amarillo Zoo or how have there been no official police reports regarding the encounter with the creature detailed in the story?

It makes for a very spooky story, but it seems to really push the boundaries of reality. However, the supernatural is a realm in which we have little to no understanding, which leaves us with more questions than answers in supposed cases like these.

Could this story be true or is it yet another hoax among countless urban legends in Amarillo? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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