In what became a pretty interesting situation for law enforcement, 28-year-old Dylan Casarez of Amarillo found himself in a police pursuit. Initially, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper attempted to pull over Casarez for speeding near Saint Francis Avenue around 3:30 p.m.

Another Attempted Escape

Casarez, refused to company, instead taking off and starting what would become an intense police pursuit. Driving through Amarillo in his Toyota Camry, Casarez initially evaded State troopers westbound along Loop 335. The pursuit ended anticlimactic when nearby DPS troopers were informed of the situation and deployed spikes north of Amarillo Boulevard on loop 335. The spikes incapacitated Casarez's vehicle, and the chase promptly ended.

Casarez was promptly taken into custody by the authorities and is facing charges of driving while intoxicated and evading arrest in a vehicle.

The Uselessness Of It All

Although this is not the first pursuit and will likely not be the last pursuit to take place in Amarillo, this scenario can serve as both a reminder and a warning to drivers in Amarillo. It serves as a warning against intoxicated and reckless driving and also a warning against those who may try and evade arrest.

The streets of Amarillo aren't the biggest in the state of Texas, which obviously means drivers attempting to evade police officers do not really have much to work with. So if you are getting pulled over, just remember; if you drive off, the chances of escaping are extremely small. So remember to follow traffic laws and overall, avoid putting yourself in bad situations in the first place.

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