As Amarillo gets closer and closer to the opening of the Texas Panhandle's first Buc-ee's, there is understandably much excitement surrounding it. And honestly, the hype is understandable. Buc-ee's is among the most well-respected establishments in this region of the U.S., and the fact that it will one day grace Amarillo for the enjoyment of both travelers and locals is nice to think about.

But amidst all that you might be surprised to find that Amarillo's Buc-ee's, which has not even been built actually has its own Facebook fan page.

Aptly named "Amarillo Is Getting A Buc-ee's Store" this Facebook group does not leave any stone unturned regarding information, discussion, and entertainment surrounding its new Amarillo location.

The Orgins Of This Fanpage

This Facebook page is overflowing with every little bit and detail that one could ever ask for regarding Buc-ee's new location. Scrolling through this page really goes to show that this establishment is not simply a store, but a culture.

The page was started on March 16th, 2021 which means that these guys have been waiting for quite a while. Over its course the "Amarillo Is Getting A Buc-ee's Store" fan page has amassed around three thousand followers, which is a pretty good run considering that this store has not even opened.

The Unending Wait

So as we anticipate Buc-ee's opening, we can grovel at every little bit of information found on this peculiar, yet intriguing Facebook page left for all of us to enjoy.

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