I love the neighborhoods in Amarillo that make you feel like you've stumbled across a secret space tucked away within the city limits.

One of these neighborhoods is Tealwood Lakes. Heard of it? I hadn't until several years ago.

let me tell you...the houses here are beautiful. It's essentially a luxury neighborhood that's tucked away in the curve of Bell street, where Avondale and Gem Lake streets intersect.

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Google Maps

And, I've got a pretty good example of what I mean by Tealwood Lakes being 'luxury'.

It's a listing I came across, a gorgeous $1,499,000 home for sale in the neighborhood, located at 18 Edgewater Dr. It's listed through Jennifer Rosenbach w/ Amarillo's Parkview Realty, LLC and let me tell you something....it's elegant.

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Five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a three car garage; this is 6,635 sq ft of incredible living space.

I counted three fireplaces, one being in the main bedroom that's on the first level. There's also endless amounts of closet space in each room (be still my heart). But my favorite feature of the home is actually what you'd least expect. The lawn care in the backyard is pretty low maintenance. You know why?

Artificial turf.

I'm a fan. But you should take a look at the place for yourself. Tell me you aren't at least a little impressed with it.

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Tealwood Estates is Amarillo's best kept secret. Not sure what we mean by that? Take a peek at this incredible property at 18 Edgewater Drive. This stunner is listed with Kristen Rosenbach w/ Parkview Realty, LLC for a cool $1,449.,000

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

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