Gwen Stefani has big plans for the new year that include releasing music.

The "Cool" singer caught up with Entertainment Tonight on the first night of the season 24 finale of The Voice. The outlet asked Stefani if she had any plans for the upcoming year, and it was then that she shared she is releasing music.

"I'm actually putting out music, so I'm excited about that," she shared.

"I've been working on this for a long time. I've finally landed in that place where I'm obsessed, where I can't stop listening, so I feel like I'm somewhere," Stefani continued.

Over the last year, Stefani shared a few new songs. She released her solo track "True Babe" and her collaboration with Blake Shelton called "Love Is Alive." Her last solo album was in 2017 and it was a Christmas album called, You Make It Feel Like Christmas.

While she is excited about new music, Stefani did share that it can be hard sometimes to find time to be creative.

"I'm just trying to find like little pockets of time to make music and it still never gets old. It's still so exciting and magical," she said.

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While Stefani is excited about her new music, she also took the time to reflect on the anniversary of her debut solo album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby, which turns 20 next year.

"It was just such an amazing time and a magical time. There's just so many good songs [on that album, so many memories...  'Hollaback Girl' -- to be able to write a song like that with Pharrell that we knew that when we wrote it, we were like, 'OK, we just hit someplace that no one's ever gone, like, this song is crazy," she revealed.

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