Driving In Texas is a privilege that many get to enjoy. Sometimes, driving along the Texas countryside when the sun is setting provides a feeling that is hard to describe. But getting behind the wheel in the Lone Star State also requires much responsibility.

When you venture out onto the Texas roadways, it's of the highest importance that the Texan in question not be distracted or impaired while on the roadway. Unfortunately, some individuals don't take the responsibility seriously. Their decisions could result in someone getting harmed.

One of the ways individuals could harm others is by drunk driving. Because of this, laws are put in place to punish those who do this and hurt other individuals. One new law set to take effect September 1st aims to dissuade Texans to drive intoxicated.

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Drunk Drivers To Pay Child Support If They Kill A Child's Parent

According to FOX 4, the new law comes one year after "Bentley's Law" was enacted in the State of Tennessee. Since the establishment of the law, other states put together the own version of the bill, with Texas now having one.

The law states that if a driving Texan, whom is discovered to be under the influence, kills the parent of a child, the driver will be held liable to financially support the child until they either graduate high school or turn 18.

FOX 4 states that a judge will set the amount of restitution. In addition, if the individual is in prison, the requirement will be that payments must be made within the year of release, even if the child is over the age of 18 at that point in time.

Let this be a lesson Texas: Don't drink and drive!

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