Details matter.

I've always been a big picture person. The little things always manage to slip right past me.

But the devil is in the details and the details have been lovingly seen to all throughout this amazing listing I found. This is a beautiful home in the Wolflin historic district. It's owned and listed by Crystal Gonzalez with Fathom Realty with an asking price of $600k.

And man, it is absolutely ethereal.

According to the listing description, this is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home that has been completely updated. There's custom cabinets found throughout, custom light fixtures (HUGE fan of those), gorgeous pecan hardwood floor.

There's even a bunch of "under-the-hood" updates that have been done, such as a new central heat and air system, foam insulation, and new electrical throughout.

My favorite part? The motorized gate entrance. Tell me you don't feel like you've "made it" when you punch a button and slowly watch the gates open up in your presence.

Take a look at this absolutely stunning home...

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Listed with Crystal Gonzalez with Fathom Realty, this amazing 4 bedroom 4 bathroom home is completely remodelled throughout and has that true aesthetic appeal that some can only dream of having!

Listed at $600k, you'll fall in love with every single little detail of the place.

📸 Camille Davis

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