Road trip! I definitely think it's about that time to hit up Buc-ee's! Can we agree that a trip to Buc-ee's is a whole experience? Any time we are near one we have to stop and I kid you not, spend no less than an hour in a convenience store! When was the last time you visited a Buc-ee's? Did you feel the same way? Wow, only at a Buc-ee's did I walk away spending a hundred bucks or more!

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Have you ever done the same at Stripes or 7-11? I sure haven't. But Buc-ee's is next level and that is precisely why I was able to compile a list:


1. Buc-ee's beaver nuggets-is it just me or are these things the best thing since sliced bread? My man says they taste like crunchy pancakes. Those are some excellent pancakes!

2. Buc-ee's seasonal swag-we are exactly 10 days away from St.Patrick's Day. This time last year I got myself a green St. Patty's Day shirt. I'll wear it again this year! Not to mention the Easter swag all over the place. Need a shirt with Easter eggs all over it? Buc-ee's has you covered for every holiday and all occasions.

3. Buc-ee's party gear-if you are the ultimate Buc-ee fan and have a birthday coming up, they have everything from gift wrap to cups, party favor bags, party favors, balloons, and a Buc-ee's banner. Come to think of it, my next birthday may be Buc-ee's themed!

4. beaver nuggets candle-this is legit and new. I've never seen anything like it. Not only do they taste amazing, but now my house can smell like a yummy Buc-ee's beaver nugget!

5. Buc-ee's spices and rubs-the last time I paid a visit to Buc-ee's I got a Buc-ee's pork rub and let me just say that did not last long. It was phenomenal! Great flavor! I loaded up on a few more on this last trip, for chicken and brisket this time.

The list goes on and these photos speak for themselves. Check out some other fabulous Buc-ee's finds.

20 Of My Favorite Things At Buc-ee's!

Gallery Credit: Rebecca Cruz

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