Around 600,000 Texans, almost half a million, will NOT be able to renew their Texas driver license this year. Are you one of them?

A service known as Omnibase Services of Texas is keeping an eye on Texas drivers and if you find yourself on their radar, your driver license renewal will be denied.

They are basically "enforcers" for the state and if you get involved with them things could change drastically for your license renewal and your wallet.

Even if you go to court, you could still be stalked by these guys if you're unable to pay your fines. Driving without a license can lead to more tickets, more money and more legal actions

The Texas Department of Public Safety allows this and contracted Omnibase to handle these things for them back in 1995.

OmniBase Services of Texas maintains and administers the central database for the cities and counties contracted to use the Department of Public Safety's Failure to Appear Program. The FTA program as authorized by Chapter 706 of the Texas Transportation Code, provides an effective collection and enforcement tool by restricting the violator's ability to renew their drivers license for outstanding violations. -

Even if you go to court, inability to pay the court off could cause you big problems if you still need to drive and they snagged your license.

Getting a "driving without a license" charge for example simply trying to get to work or pick up your kid means more legal issues and more $$.

It's not always fair. If you're in a situation like this, click here to read what you can do about it.

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