The hotel was built in 1956, in the quirky "space age" style, (aka Googie Style), popular then thanks to the Cold War and a growing interest in outer space.

In the 50's, America's economy was booming, the interstate system was being built and American families were looking for life in the suburbs, away from the city.

Areas like Richardson, Texas were growing rapidly and visitors needed somewhere to stay. Somewhere cool and "modern", like the Como Motel.

Until September, 2023, (when it stopped booking rooms), the Como Motel was the longest "continually operating" motel in Richardson.

Now, its fate is uncertain and locals don't want to lose it so they've started a petition that, at the moment, has close to 5,000 signatures.

Photo, WFAA/YouTube
Photo, WFAA/YouTube

The Como looks like a motel where axe murders happen in a horror movie. I don't know of any really happening there but it was the site of activities that would lead to one.

Famously, the Como was the site of the affair, conducted by Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore, that resulted in the axe killing of Gore’s wife, Betty.

A crime which is the subject of the Netflix series, Love & Death.

Losing the motel would be a tragedy due to its history as one of the first buildings in Richardson and its iconic status as a local landmark.

A plan to redevelop the motel was shot down and current owners haven't said exactly what they plan to do with it.

Sadly, fears that The Como is about to become a parking lot or another strip mall may soon be realized.

I hope not. Things like this are unique to America and important to our history and or culture as well as students of art and architecture.

Not to mention true crime buffs.

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