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Is Amarillo A Hot-Spot For UFO Sightings? [VIDEO]
As I watch UFO videos on YouTube I discovered there have been a handful of possible UFO sightings here in Amarillo. People have posted their videos on YouTube for the world to see. When I used to do the night show, I remember getting a few calls within the last few years where people were reporting …
Strange Lights In Sky
There is some NSFW language in this video.
This video was taken from Greenwood, Indiana. So far it's unexplained and very strange. A man was recording some weird lights coming out of the clouds that caught his attention.
Man On Motorcycle Get Ran Over By A Bull
This is nuts!  A guy who was riding his motorcycle on a road was taken out by a huge bull. The bull came out of nowhere and plowed over the guy on the motorcycle. The guy was blind-sided and laid motionless on the pavement. Hope he was ok......
Old Man Crashes Bigtime
Don't know if the guys passed out at the wheel but this could have easily became very horrific if people were walking through the parking lot. A 92 year-old man is captured on video pulling out of a parking lot and smashing into 10 different cars! Aft...
A look Back At 2014 In One Minute – [VIDEO]
Check out this review of major things that happened this year all wrapped up in 60 seconds. Don't let the animation throw you off. See how many of  the famous events you can guess in the video. Ready set go....
Credit: Animation Dominations High-Def

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