Everybody's tastes are different; what I like may not necessarily be the same thing you like. And that's okay!

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A recent Reddit thread asked people "what's a food combo you love that people think you're weird for"- the post blew up and it racked up more than 18,000 comments!

When we brought it up on the Morning Show, we got some pretty good answers- and then we gave our own weird food combinations- mine was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but with a fried egg!

I think these days it's not uncommon to add a fried egg to foods like sandwiches and burgers- but trust me, when I first did it everyone looked at me all weird! But it's delicious! I mean, just look at this video!

I then decided to ask our trusty Facebook followers what their weird food combos are.

Of course, our followers didn't fail us and y'all sent us some good answers. Here are 28 of the most weird food combos but that you swear are good!

Weird Food Combos Texans Swear By

Things that I've learned after going through all the comments, y'all really like mixing peanut butter with, well just about anything. Y'all also really like mayonnaise on just about anything- that goes for pickles as well!

Some of these sounded delicious, some of them are combos that I had already tried, like peanut butter jelly on a flour tortilla instead of bread (which I think it's way better on a tortilla!)- and some of these sounded almost criminal- like the ketchup on tamales!

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