Akon has finally made amends with French Montana by gifting him a brand new timepiece after having accidentally given him a fake watch years ago.

Akon Gifts French Montana a New Hublot Watch

On Tuesday (July 11), French Montana shared video of the gifting on Instagram. In the video below, French is seen sharing a few laughs with Akon and his crew as he is handed a Hublot box. The "Unforgettable" rapper opens the box and reveals the expensive timepiece to the camera.

"Stop asking Akon about the watch," French Montana wrote in the caption. "He just pulled up on me and gave me another watch lol lets see if he did right this time @fakewatchbusta #motherland #africanboys."

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Akon Was Confronted by N.O.R.E. About the Fake Timepiece on Drink Champs

N.O.R.E. asked Akon about the debacle on the latest episode of his Drink Champs podcast, which drops later this week, and the "Locked Up" rapper said that he and French had both been conned out of a nice new watch.

"Are you ever going to give French a watch so he can stop telling this story?" N.O.R.E. asked in a teaser clip also attached to French’s Instagram post.

"Listen, me and French got got that day," Akon replied. "I’m the one that lost money. I bought two new watches – one for me and one for [French]. Here’s the thing: I didn’t know what a Hublot was. I just knew that I liked that. It was a nice watch. So, the dude was selling watches. And I said, ‘Yo how much is that watch?’"

Akon went on to say he bought the watches from a man on Canal Street in New York City.

"He said, 'Normally about $15,000 to $20,000. But I got a guy that can get it for us for $5,000,'" Akon continued.

N.O.R.E. then wrote in French Montana’s comments: I can't stop laughing and smiling @akon did the right thing @frenchmontana love y'all both salute.”

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Akon Had Previously Spoken About The Fake Watch Last Year

In an interview with Real 92.3’s The Cruz Show back last October, Akon first spoke about the counterfeit, and said initially he felt offended when French accused him of presenting a fake watch.

"Back then, Hublot weren’t really popular," Akon said at the time. "I get the watch. I put one on, [French] came, and [I] said, 'I got something for you, bro.' He was happy, I was happy. We lit, we lit."

He continued, "Now, mind you, I’m not really knowing there’s specific brands [of] watches and all that, I wasn’t really a watch guy. I just saw something I liked that looked nice and I got it. French clearly went to his jeweler and got it checked out, and the jeweler was like, 'Yo, this is fake.' I was like, 'What do you mean fake? The shit tick, don’t it? The shit work right? Not only was I upset because I paid, like, five-grand for each watch, in my mind that was expensive for a watch. But obviously for a Hublot that was no money, that was a huge discount. So I’m like, 'This ungrateful-ass n***a.'”

French Montana also spoke about the watch in an interview with Drink Champs back in 2021, and said he sympathized with Akon, but that he was still holding out for the real thing. It seems the Montega rapper finally got his wish.

Take a look at Akon's gift to French below.—Mackenzie Cummings-Grady

Watch Akon Gifting French Montana a New Watch Below

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