The drama surrounding how much Gucci Mane contributed to the funeral arraignments for his late artist Big Scarr continues to play out online. Now, Scarr's sister is claiming the $20,000 Guwop paid to the funeral home for the Memphis rapper's funeral was not sufficient.

On Monday (Jan. 9), Big Scarr's sister Alexandra Woods shared a message on Instagram after Gucci Mane's wife shared proof that the 1017 Global CEO spent $10,000 on Scarr's funeral cost and another $10,000 on flowers.

"That 10K ain't help with nothing but obituaries and flowers, boo," Woods said on Live, appearing to address proof brought forward by Keyshia Ka'oir. "My brother worth more than 10K."

"Yea, Gucci sent $10,000," she continued. "And somebody else on another team. So, it was $20,000 in all. And we ain't get the flowers. I don't give a fuck what nobody say...Anyway, the funeral getting paid for regardless. That little-ass money. That's why we said he didn't help...That wasn't enough. My brother funeral was 60K in all."

The drama first popped off when Big Scarr associate Quezz Ruthless and other family members began to call Gucci Mane out online on Sunday (Jan. 8).

"Them people called your phone to see if you was gon' pay for the funeral, you blocked them," Quezz claimed in an Instagram Live video. "That's not real. On God, that's not real. That ain't straight...You trying to act all real. You posted Scarr, talking ’bout some 'Love Live him.' You aint' do nothing."

"You ain't getting them chains back," Quezz continued. "You can't get them chains. It's no way you getting them chains. It ain't no way that's happening. Come on, now. You tripping, cuz. Thought we was just gon' let that go? No. It's over with. You played. And we don't need your money to pay for his funeral. He was gon' get buried either way. It's just the point that you supposed to be his CEO. And you supposed to be this, this and that, and you done lied like that. How do you even feel real with yourself?"

Alexandra appeared to cosign Quezz's claims about the chains in a Facebook post. In the photo, she is wearing one of the 1017 chains.


Gucci Mane's team and his wife Keyshia Ka'oir Davis called cap on the claims. A rep for the Atlanta rapper told XXL: "This information is incorrect. Gucci Mane paid $20,000 directly to the funeral home for Scarr’s funeral."

Ka'oir then came forward with receipts on Instagram, showing a total of $20,000 was sent to Memphis funeral home N.J. Ford & Sons Funeral.

Gucci Mane’s Wife Posts Receipts of $20,000 Payment to Funeral Home for Big Scarr
Gucci Mane’s Wife Posts Receipts of $20,000 Payment to Funeral Home for Big Scarr

Big Scarr died on Dec. 22, 2022 at the age of 22 from what was reportedly an accidental drug overdose.

See Video of Big Scarr's Sister Scoffing at the Five-Figure Contribution Gucci Mane Provided Below

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