Boosie BadAzz and GloRilla have named their pets after each other.

In two viral videos that surfaced on social media, it appears that Boosie BadAzz and GloRilla engaged in an unexpected pet-naming back and forth. It started when Boosie shared a video of himself trying to control his dog who is running around outside. That's when the Baton Rouge, La. rhymer introduced the dog to his fans.

"I done name my dog, GloRilla," he said. "Glo! Big Glo! Old GloRilla, mane. What up, Glo?"

It's unclear if Boosie was trying to slight GloRilla by naming his pet dog after the Memphis rapper but it certainly wasn't flattering.

Apparently, GloRilla caught wind of Boosie's video and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

In her hilarious video, the "Tomorrow 2" rapper showed off her aquarium and inside appears be a long green lizard with black eyes.

"Hey stank, stank!" Glo screamed as she showered her pet lizard with baby talk. "Boosie! Hey there, boosie, woosie."

"Look at that bad azz. Look at my new thing," she laughed.

"Boosie! Boosie! Boosie! Yeah, I gotta get him some more stuff for his hair," she continued as she zoomed in on the lizard's head. "Say 'hey' to my new addition. Hey Boosie."

Both Boosie and Big Glo's videos have gone viral and made fans laugh at their clips.

"They brought a whole new meaning to pet names," tweeted one fan.

"I’m not sure if this is love or shade [cry laughing emoji]," wrote another person.

A third fan tweeted, "They are clowning lol I love it [two tears of joy emojis]."

It's possible that Boosie BadAzz and GloRilla were only joking around with naming their pets after each other.

Watch Boosie Badazz and GloRilla Name Their Pets After Each Other Below

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