Chris Brown has reacted to Tinashe's comments about their 2015 collaborative song and he's feeling some type of way.

Chris Brown Responds to Tinashe's Remarks About Their "Embarrassing" Collab

Over the weekend, Chris Brown reacted to Tinashe's comments that she made in her interview on the Zach Sang Show, which was posted on YouTube last Tuesday (Sept. 12). During their conversation, Tinashe was asked about her previous collabs with R. Kelly and Chris Brown, both men who have been the subject of abuse allegations.

She called her R. Kelly-assisted song "Let's Be Real Now" "embarrassing" and said her Chris Brown 2015 duet "Player" was the label's idea, not hers.

"I literally block out that R. Kelly song from my mind. I forget that it even exists," she said of the Kellz track. "That is so unreal that I even have a song with R. Kelly. That’s so embarrassing."

As for Breezy's contribution, the 30-year-old singer said she was forced to collab with him.

"That was a song that we all wanted it to be this big moment, this big single. So I feel like, in their mind, they were like, 'You need the support,'" she recalled. "He was their biggest artist that they had on rhythmic radio at the time. To me, I was like, 'Well, this is a pop song. So, I really don’t feel like we should put Chris on it.' That doesn’t compute to me, but I don’t know."

Brown must have caught wind of Tinashe's comments and posted his response on Instagram.

"NAME 5 TINASHE songs or die….[Looking eyes emoji] EVERYBODY DEAD [skull emoji]," he wrote.

The R&B crooner also called Tinashe "evil" and added that her career is "nonexistent."

"She full of dat evil. Shawty career is nonexistent," he wrote. "What’s more embarrassing is that she worked with all these people and not one us could save her career."

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Chris Brown Says He Can't Be Canceled

Last month, Chris Brown posted an Instagram Story addressing him supposedly being canceled. In the post below, Breezy was asked about being x-ed out in the music industry from a third-person point of view before announcing his comeback.

"WEIRDOS: didn't we cancel Chris Brown?" Breezy wrote over a black-and-white background via his IG Story. "Me: IM STILL ALIVE [smirking face emoji]."

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