DJ Khaled recently tried his hand at foil surfing and wiped out miserably.

DJ Khaled Shares Video of Himself Foil Surfing

DJ Khaled seems to always be down for a little fun in the sun. On Sunday (June 11), he uploaded video (below) on Instagram attempting to foil surf. In the clip, the We the Best boss attempts to balance himself on one knee on a foil board, which is cruising at a moderate speed. Khaled outstretches his arm while the board bounces over the waves, in an attempt to stay level. After several seconds of gauging the scene, DJ Khaled attempts to stand on two feet.

The board instantly lurches out of the water, sending DJ Khaled airborne. He flails in mid-air before coming crashing down on top of the board in the ocean. The video then hilariously cuts to DJ Khaled getting a massage. The mishap didn't appear to deter Khaled. In the next clip, he is on a golfing green excitedly reacting to a drive shot.

DJ Khaled captioned the clip: "ALL CATEGORIES LETS GO ITS OK TO BE HAPPY!"

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What Is Foil Surfing?

Foil surfing is a new trend that puts a twist on traditional surfing with the use of a board the has a hydrofoil attached to it rather than a fin. This allows the board to cruise just above the water. It does not require waves like traditional surfing.

DJ Khaled's High Jinks

DJ Khaled is no stranger to watersports or living his best life. Last month, he shared video of himself riding dangerously fast on a jet ski to Future's house, only to be told by Future that the Freebandz rapper was not at home. Back in January, Khaled shared video of himself on vacation crashing his golf cart on the curb.

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Watch Video of DJ Khaled Attempting to Foil Surf and Wiping Out Below

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