Lil Pump has revealed a new Donald Trump tattoo he got in the former president's honor.

Lil Pump Reveals New Donald Trump Mugshot Tattoo on His Leg

On Wednesday (Jan. 31), Lil Pump hopped on Instagram to reveal some new ink he got on his right thigh. The tattoo shows the controversial former president scowling and appears to be based on Trump's mugshot taken after his 2023 arrest on racketeering charges in Georgia.

"MAGA," Pump captioned a photo of the new tat, which can be seen below.

Pump had previously posted Trump's mugshot on Instagram in solidarity with Trump in August of 2023. Pump wrote "FREE TRUMP" in the caption in all caps. Pump had also previously called Trump the "Greatest president of all time" on Instagram in December of 2023.

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Lil Pump Gets Shout-Out From Trump During Campaign Rally

The new ink should come as no surprise considering Pump has long been a die-hard Trump supporter. Most recently the former POTUS shouted out the "Gucci Gang" rapper while hosting a campaign rally at Ted Hendricks Stadium at Henry Milander Park in Hialeah, Fla. last November.

"One of the few, rapper Lil Pump," Trump announced.

Pump is seen on video standing up to accept his applause. He is wearing a MAGA hat and varsity jacket as he waves at the crowd.

Pump had previously spoken at a Trump campaign event back in 2020, despite the then-president referring to him as "Lil Pimp." Despite his prominent support of Trump, Pump later revealed he did not vote in the 2020 election.

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