Another posthumous Mac Miller album is apparently on the way.

On Monday (March 27), Brooklyn rappers Talib Kweli and Amani Fela joined renowned producer Madlib for an interview on Shade 45's Sway in the Morning to chat music and drop some bars in the cypher. 

During an in-depth discussion about Talib Kweli and Madlib's recently released joint album, Liberation 2, the California-bred musician-beatmaker made a revelation that is sure to excite Mac Miller's legion of loyal fans. Madlib announced that he is currently putting the final touches on an upcoming collab project with the late member of the 2011 XXL Freshman Class, an offering that the Bandana producer says has been given the go-ahead from Mac's estate.

"Right now, I'm finishing up the Mac Miller album, Planet Asia album, Erykah Badu album, different stuff," Madlib told Sway when running down what he's got cooking post-Liberation 2.

From there, the conversation stayed on the topic of Mac Miller and the forthcoming posthumous collaboration. Sway asked Madlib to expound on the details.

"Is that the same [Mac Miller] project that was mentioned years ago after he passed that was never released?" Sway asked around the 5:27-mark in the video below as Madlib confirmed the news. "So the estate is down now?"

As everyone in the room clapped and cheered in excitement, Madlib replied, "Yeah, they're down."

From there, Sway connected the dots by pointing out the fact that an unreleased Mac Miller verse was actually featured on Talib Kweli and Madlib's Liberation 2 album, to which point Talib shed some light on how the song "Right to Love Us" all came together.

"Me and Mac Miller both rhymed to the same Madlib beat at the same time at different places," Talib Kweli explained. "When we found that out, we were like, 'Well now it's a song together.'"

Talk of the upcoming Mac Miller and Madlib album in question first came to light back in 2019, about five months after the Swimming MC tragically died of a drug overdose in September of 2018. In an interview with DJ Booth at the time, Mac Miller's dear friend, producer Thelonius Martin, let it slip that Malcolm and Madlib made an album called Maclib together that was yet to be released.

However, about one month later, Madlib confirmed that Maclib did in fact exist only to explain in a statement that there were no set plans to drop the project as of March of 2019. According to Fader, Madlib's official statement has since been deleted from the producer's website.

While it hasn't been determined as to whether or not the upcoming album will remain with the title Maclib, the joint effort with Madlib will mark Mac Miller's second posthumous LP following Circles, which was released by Mac's estate in January of 2020.

See Madlib Announce That a New Mac Miller Album Is on the Way in the Sway in the Morning Video Below

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