Is the hate towards Drake for real, or are automated bots orchestrating a coordinated effort to spread negativity about the Toronto rap superstar? Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Drizzy's last three music releases on YouTube have more dislikes than his previously-released songs. What gives?

Is Drake's Current Hate Stemming From Actual People or Bots?

On Sunday (May 26), DJ Akademiks shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing Drake's last three music releases on YouTube: "Family Matters," "The Heart Part 6" and "U My Everything," his collaborative song with Sexyy Red. Interestingly, all three of Drizzy's recently released tunes have received more dislikes on the video-sharing platform than his previous songs.

Since this posting on May 26, Drake's last three songs have garnered abnormally high numbers of dislikes on YouTube. "Family Matters" has accumulated over 400,000 dislikes, while "The Heart Part 6" has received over 1.6 million dislikes. Additionally, Drake's song with Sexyy Red, "U My Everything," has gathered more than 94,000 dislikes. Drizzy's YouTube dislikes can be viewed below this post.

In contrast, before Drake's epic rap feud with Kendrick Lamar, his other Sexyy Red duet, "Rich Baby Daddy," which dropped on Feb. 14, has only 59,000 dislikes. So clearly, Drizzy's dislikes on his songs have risen since his lyrical battle with K-Dot.

Sexyy Red/YouTube
Sexyy Red/YouTube

But are actual people hating on Drake or is it bots engaging in a hate campaign against the Canadian hitmaker?

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Is Drake a Victim of a Mysterious Hating Bot Army?

What's currently happening to Drake may be something similar that Pusha T experienced last summer. In July of 2023, Pusha T was targeted by a mysterious bot army who unleashed a barrage of derogatory tweets about him for unknown reasons. X user Kurrco alerted people that a secretive bot army is posting defamatory posts about the Virginia rhymer. Some of the off-color messages were slanderous and down right evil.

"Pusha T collects salamanders and impregnates them during the summer [sunshine emoji]," read one strange post.

Another weird message stated: "Pusha T sold coke to my little cousin in 3rd grade."

And one inflammatory post attacked Push's good character.

"Pusha T doesn't do nothing but brush his braids, love his wife, and sell cocaine to the community and folk stay attacking fam. Let the man deal in peace. [three tired face emojis]."

At the time, fans speculated that it was Drake who ordered the bot attack in retaliation for King Push's 2018 diss track "The Story of Adidon" where he exposed Drizzy of being the father to a young son, a fact that he had been keeping a secret from the public. During their battle, the 6 God never responded, which by default, made Push the winner of their lyrical feud.

Nevertheless, the mysterious bot attack on Pusha T last summer remained a mystery, as no real explanation was provided.

So who's really behind the hate for Drake right now?

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Check out the massive amounts of dislikes Drake has received for his last three music releases below.

See the Massive Amounts of Dislikes From Drake's Last Three Music Releases

Drake is garnering massive amounts of dislikes on his three latest music releases. Is it actual people or bots hating on Drake right now?

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