In the wake of federal agents raiding Diddy's Los Angeles and Miami homes as part of a sex trafficking investigation last week, R. Kelly has expressed his thoughts on the hip-hop mogul's legal battle.

R. Kelly Doubts Sex Trafficking Allegations Against Diddy

Last Wednesday (March 27), YouTube channel ClubHouseTV 2.0 posted audio of Wack 100's phone call interview with R. Kelly from federal prison on Clubhouse. In the video, which can be viewed below, the incarcerated R&B singer, who is serving a 30-year prison sentence for child sex crimes and other offenses including sex trafficking, opined on Diddy's legal situation.

Kelly cautioned that what is happening with Diddy is no laughing matter and that celebrities are being targeted with false allegations.

"The s**t is crazy. Muthaf**kas out there laughing and making comedian jokes and doing all the other s**t on the radio and everything else, but they a*s could be next," he warned Wack in the clip below. "That’s what's so f**ked up about it. They so stupid they don’t even realize the moves that's going on."

Regarding the allegations against Diddy by federal authorities, R. Kelly casted his doubts.

"That's why I don't believe none of this s**t," he said of the feds. "You could tell me about Puffy, you could about anybody in there. You could tell me on the news, the weather, the sky is blue, I'm not gonna believe the s**t. 'Cause I’m in it now, and I know what they did."

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Suge Knight Also Speaks Out on Diddy's Sex Trafficking Allegations

Last Friday (March 29), Suge Knight shared a clip on X, formerly known as Twitter, of a collect call from prison where he offered his thoughts on the recent legal troubles of his former rap rival Diddy. Last Monday (March 25), Diddy's homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by the Department of Homeland Security in relation to an ongoing investigation into sex trafficking. Suge says Diddy's issues put a bad light on hip-hop and Black culture.

"It's a bad day for hip-hop, for the culture of Black people," Suge said in the video below. "Because when one look bad, we all look bad. That's definitely not nothing to cheer about."

"I tell you what, Puffy," he continued. "Your life is in danger because you know the secrets of who was involved in that secret room you guys were participating in. So, you know they gon' get you if they can."

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Hear R. Kelly talking about Diddy's legal situation below.

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