If there's one thing Sexyy Red will do is turn a negative situation into a positive one. The rapper is doing just that with her latest message to Joe Budden for making unfounded claims about her connection with Drake.

Sexyy Red's Comical Response to Joe Budden

On Monday evening (April 1), Sexyy Red used her account on X, formerly known as Twitter, to take a comical jab at Joe Budden, who has insinuated that Drake is getting paid to spend time with Sexyy Red and promote her to Drizzy's audience.

"Tell @JoeBudden dis what drake like," she wrote in a tweet to go with a video she posted of herself twerking on Drake while the two are performing their hit, "Rich Baby Daddy."

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Joe Budden Thinks Drake Is Getting Paid to Promote Sexyy Red

This funny message to Joe is a result of the remarks he made on The Joe Budden Podcast on March 28. While discussing Drake's recent releases and the kind of music he's making these days, Joe theorized that the OVO leader's pockets are full due to payments he's receiving for supporting Sexyy Red's career.

"It sound like a n***a that could rap at that level that gets paid off everybody's deal tryna rap," Joe said at the 1:59:49 mark in the video below. "That's what it sound like to me."

"Real quick, you said this paid off somebody's deal," TJBP cohost Queenzflip expressed to Joe. "Is this confirmed or this is just some inside s**t that you sayin'?"

"Oh, you think he [Drake] just likes being around Sexyy Red that much," Joe responded.

The comments have caused two reactions from Sexyy Red and one from Drake so far.

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Check out Sexyy Red's response to Joe Budden and his initial comments below.

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