Ja Rule is getting bombarded with lawsuits regarding the Fyre Festival disaster. The latest complaint comes from EHL Funding who said they loaned the rapper and his business partner, Billy McFarland, $3 million but never got repaid.

According to TMZ, EHL Funding gave the duo the loan on April 10— 18 days before the festival— to cover expenses. Of course, based on the way the festival turned out, it looks like none of the monies was used to give festival goers the "luxury experience" they were promised.

The company alleges that Ja and McFarland agreed to make weekly payments to pay back the loan. Although they received a few payments totaling under $900,000, they haven’t seen any more installments since April 21—the day of the island fiasco.

EHL Funding are now accusing the duo of defaulting on the loan and they want all of the money, plus interest, as soon as possible. Considering that several people are suing Ja Rule and Billy McFarland over the Fyre Festival mishap, EHL Funding is going to have to wait in line.

Among those looking for their money from the duo include a plaintiff named Daniel Jung who has filed a $100 million class action lawsuit. Additionally, three more festival-goers are suing them for an undisclosed amount of money.

Reps for the Fyre Festival had no comment on this latest legal matter.

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