Jackson Rathbone -- best known for his role in 'Twilight' as Edward Cullen's creep(ier) brother, Jasper Hale -- was on a flight to Austin, Texas, when his plane was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after take-off.

According to the LA Times, the plane's right engine overheated and the main cabin soon filled with smoke, prompting the quick landing. Sounds like something straight out of a horror movie!

Playing the role of a photojournalist, Rathbone documented the terrifying journey on his WhoSays account, with plenty of details and captions to illustrate the ordeal. According to Rathbone, the oxygen masks did not automatically deploy, and he credits the "brave stewardesses" with manually releasing them instead.

Rathbone went on to name both the pilot and his "guardian angels" for their part in ensuring his and his fellow passengers' safe landing. As soon as the JetBlue plane hit the tarmac, Rathbone says he "left all our personal effects onboard [sic]. Who cares. We were alive." Once on land, Rathbone embraced his wife and son, both of whom were traveling with him.

Adding some levity to an otherwise scary situation, the one-time 'Criminal Minds' guest star posted a photo of a bag of potato chips, saying, "Now I can say this experience was all that... and a bag of chips." Here's to a safe flight back!

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