Another day, another rumor about where the James Bond series is headed. Since the most recent film in the franchise came out about two years ago, with no word on what’s being planned for next, the rumor mill has gotten to churning. Today brings news that the Bond series is eyeing a possible cinematic universe angle for their dashing super-spy.

With the final word on the subject being that Daniel Craig will probably be back for another and Christopher Nolan will be producing it, that sure leaves a lot up in the air. Jeff Sneider of the Tracking Board recently tweeted that he’s heard some talk going around that the Broccolis had “caught Universe Fever” and might want to do a few movies not centered around 007.

So, what would that mean? A Moneypenny spinoff? A Felix Leiter movie? Delving into some villain backstories like Spectre did with Blofeld? And what about the other 00 agents? The Bond movies do have a semi-regularly recurring cast of stock characters, which would make a cinematic universe make some sense, but do people really want that? Part of James Bond movies’ charm is that they’re James Bond movies, featuring the latest A-list male actor swanning around foreign locales, romancing women, and saving the world from agents of chaos. With superhero movie fatigue gradually setting in, the cinematic universe angle might not be the right direction for the series to take.

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