If you weren’t vegetarian before, perhaps it’s time to make the switch. Scientists in Japan have now created a way to synthesize “beef steaks” from human feces. The discovery was made after a Tokyo sewage plant approached scientists, asking them if they could figure out a way to utilize all the sewage sludge lying around.

Researchers took on the challenge and discovered that the sewage contained high amounts of protein. They extracted the protein molecules, paired them with a reaction enhancer and then used an exploder to create their finished product: a faux steak comprised of protein, carbs, fats and minerals.

To make the steak slightly more inviting, researchers then colored it with red food dye and added some soy protein for richer flavor. They’ve since asked people to eat the stuff in taste tests.

The verdict? Tastes like beef.

Now that they’ve successfully created the faux poo meat, their goal is to reduce the cost so people can afford it. The product is much more eco-friendly compared to the meatpacking industry, which accounts for 18 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in Japan.

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