When Jennifer Lopez started dating Casper Smart, the first thing I thought was 'he's after her money and fame.'  Well it seems that he doesn't have to work to hard for that money because J-Lo gives him a weekly allowance.

Throughout their relationship, we have seen Smart driving her car and going on different vacations with her and her kids but now an allowance.  Yes, if he is a good boy Lopez gives Casper $10,000 a week.

According to sources, Lopez was tired of having to pay for everything.  So she figured if she gave her boyfriend an allowance, he could pick up the tab from time to time.  Sounds fair enough, right?

Well that is not all she expects.   J-Lo expects him to spend some of the money on her and her kids without being told to do so.  In reality, she is actually still paying for everything, even any gifts he buys with that money.

This makes me wonder if she has been paying him off since the beginning.  And how much of that allowance does he actually use on her.  I guess it really isn't any of my business, but she looks amazing for her age couldn't she find someone who doesn't need an allowance?

On another note, her ex husband Marc Anthony thinks she needs to see a psychiatrist for her 'men' issues.

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