They may be exes, but that doesn't mean Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony can't still make sweet music together. In fact, Lopez considers herself Anthony's "biggest fan!"

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight following her performance of "Mirate," which Anthony produced, at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards, the pop star gushed about getting back in the studio with her former husband of ten years—even though she thought them working together could have potentially spelled disaster.

"There's nobody better than him, for me, in Latin music. I'm probably his biggest fan—of his music—and honestly to have him work on the album with me was, you know, scary because I thought...we're gonna fight!" Lopez admitted, laughing.

Luckily, the musical pair found their footing: "But then I thought there is nobody else I would wanna do this music with," she continued. "We've always had great times working together and so it was great."

Lopez added that they "didn't really" end up fighting at all, and instead their time spent in the studio together made them stronger.

"It actually made our relationship even better, because we had a lot of fun together," she shared. "We remembered where we used to have fun, where we connect on a certain level, which is through music. It was a great thing. And I think it's all there on the album."

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