Millions of people flocked to MTV to watch the nonsense of Jersey Shore. The drunken nights of partying and household fights. So you or somebody you know just can't get enough Jersey Shore, the you will be excited to know that JWow is releasing a fragrance.

If you ever sit around watching Jersey Shore and wish that you could smell like JWow then you are in luck.  This Christmas she has teamed up with KMart to release an exclusive JWow fragrance.  Now KMart isn't the place I'd think she want to market her perfume, but I guess that means it is affordable.

So what does it smell like?  It smells like a fresh, fruity-floral scent with a sensual, musk undertone.  It is suppose to capture the mood of a carefree 24-hours spent soaking in the rays by day and dancing under the stars by night with hints of citrus and pear.  And she is also selling a JWow moisturizer.  It is filled with gold glitter to give you a shimmering head to toe glow and is lightley scented with the perfume.

If it is your dream to smell like JWow, this is your chance.  Just look at your nearest KMart or shop here.  The perfume, moisturizer combo will set you back around $30.  Here's to a Jersey Shore Christmas.  I am super surprised that JWow is the only one releasing anything this Christmas.

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