Oh here's a shocker, another pregnant celebrity is out to copy Demi Moore's famous Vanity Fair cover.  Now, attention-whore Jessica Simpson wants you to see her blossom into a mother while she wears her birthday suit.

This is freaking played out.  I was pretty much over it after Britney Spears did it, and in my mind, she still holds the title for hottest nude pregnant celebrity on the cover of a magazine.  All though Christina Aguilera was a pretty hot pregnant nudest as well, you know, in a trashy kind of way.

Our latest edition from Jessica Simpson is the closest to Demi's famous portrait.  Using the same pose and background for the shot.  And yes I'll admit that it's hotter then Demi's.  She did a pretty good job of pulling it off.

See more of Jessica Simpson baring it all before she bares her child here at NY Daily News.