Being a mom is something special.  You cherish all the moments and want to hold on to the babies memories forever.  How about doing that with your breast milk?

You may be reading this and thinking what the heck.  That is exactly what I thought when I heard about it, so I had to do more digging.  It turns out that breast milk jewelry is very real and people are buying it like crazy.

A company called Mommy Milk Creations specializes in handmade breast milk pendants, keepsakes and more.  The creator, Allicia, takes pride in the special way she makes this jewelry.  She believes that breast feeding is so rewarding you should have a keepsake.

On her website she brags about the perfect process of keeping the color accurate and no bubbles.

Ok, am I the only one who is totally grossed out about this?  I can understand keepsakes like getting a mold of your child's hands or feet or the usual-pictures.  Some may see breastfeeding as beautiful process, but it is still a bodily fluid.  That is just as creepy as Angelina Jolie wearing Billy Bob Thorton's blood around her neck.

Would you turn your breast milk into a necklace?