So tonight had a random call from a guy named "Jim" who claimed he's from a big city now living in Amarillo and wanted to find a good girl to meet over the radio. He repeatedly claimed he would not wanna meet a woman at a bar or club because he said "All women that goes to clubs are trashy!" Not only did this make me furious but he made a lot of women very angry to the point where my phone lines were jam packed with women wanting to talk to him and vent.

He was very confident about his voice and said when he was a telemarketer that he would always have women tell him he had a  SEXY voice. He also said that "My voice makes more girls cry then a One Direction concert!" Haha..Was that his pickup line.

So if you missed the show here's a re-cap of Jim who claimed to have the sexiest voice around.

Would you date him just for his voice?