I'm just like Jimmy Fallon, I am terrified of haunted houses but I love going to them! If you've ever seen any videos of me going through a haunted house, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

I talk a big game about loving scary stuff, but put me in a scary situation and I'm a big chicken! Haunted house owners love when I attend their haunts because they know it's time to get some good laughs out of me from being so scared.

This is totally funny watching two of my favorite people, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon, going through a haunted house together. If there could be one person you'd want to go through a haunted house with, who would it be? I would probably choose Rob Dyrdek - he would probably be super funny to go through with.

Keep a look out for our annual "Best Amarillo Haunt" contest! Have you been to any of the haunted houses yet? Let us know what you thought!