Post Malone's platinum-selling single "Rockstar" was probably always going to be a massive hit, but it turns out, the version we got was a good deal different than the one Post first recorded. That version apparently featured T-Pain.

The Florida-based crooner said as much after one Twitter user complimented him on his "remix" to the track. It was at that point T-Pain made a pretty shocking revelation. "That’s the original. They took me off. And put 21 on. Me and Joey had it first," he wrote in a response to the tweet. A short time later, Joey Bada$$ himself confirmed T-Pain's claim.

"This is facts... I actually co-wrote the song w post quietly got my first #1 off that 💰💰💰 more ghostwriting in 2018," wrote the Brooklyn rapper, responding to a tweet from HotNewHipHop. You read that right. Joey says he, a rapper thought to be a stereotypically boom bap era-inspired, conscious rhymer, co-wrote one of the biggest singles of 2017.

In a September interview with Billboard, Post said that Joey Bada$$ and T-Pain were in New York City's Quad Studios together the night he recorded "Rockstar," but he never mentioned anything about them collabing on the track. Now we know? Post himself hasn't commented on the matter.

One fan briefly lamented on not being able to hear the original version of the track, but he admitted that its success justified putting 21 Savage on it. Responding to that tweet, T-Pain wrote, "I agree. Score one for the label. Smart move." Word.

Check out the original version of the track and the (alleged) hidden story of "Rockstar" in the gallery below.

See Joey Bada$$ Tweet About Co-Writing Post Malone's "Rockstar"

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