Before we head into 2018, I took it upon myself to ask around and do a bit of personal reflection to see what "resolutions" Amarillo could make for the new year.  Here is the short list of what I found.



  • 1

    Resolve to not mess up our morning commutes

    Construction has become a full blown epidemic.  Where most cities decorate with trees, parks, antique lamp posts; we decorate with orange cones.  Let's make 2018 the year of getting to take the same route to work everyday.

  • 2

    Resolve to keep your hands to yourself, and off other people's stuff

    I personally know several people and have heard reports of several more who have had their homes burglarized, cars broken into, and property vandalized.  I've been told by long time residents this year seems worse compared to others.  Let's resolve to apply the rules of the school bus to our everyday life.

  • 3

    Resolve to use turning lanes only for turning

    Let's get this out there now. Turning lanes are for turning. Not driving half the length of Soncy. This year let's all work harder to not turn our turning lanes into passing lanes.

  • 4

    Resolve to keep your laundry on the line, not online

    This is the reason why I unfollow a smooth 90% of everyone who sends me a friend request. Everyone has their own mountain of fecal matter they call life. Not everyone wants to hear you wallow in it. Keep the dirty laundry on the line, not online.

  • 5

    Resolve to find a place to park downtown

    'Nuff said. If you go downtown on the daily, I salute you and that vein on your neck that looks like it's going to pop out of frustration. Let's resolve to get ample parking downtown that I'm not going to have to set aside a budget for.

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