This Saturday Kiss Fm will be live at Hollywood 16 for the Grand Opening of their Cinemark Lounger Seating. Cimemark will have reliable popcorn tubs and cups to giveaway.

Also Kiss will be giving away passes all week to any movie you choose. Not only did they add new luxury seating but in the future  plan on seeing a bar and a updated concession stand. The new luxury seats that were added give you a lot of leg room and a comfortable theatre seat that reclines at the touch of a button. You also don't have to worry about sitting behind someone who is really tall because the way they seats are set up is stadium seating so everyone has a great view. Plenty of leg room that you wont have to worry about bumping in to someone when you need to go to the restroom or concession stand. Join us this Saturday from 5pm-7pm for giveaways and maybe you can catch a movie with us we'll be watching Fantastic Beasts.

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