JoJo Siwa is making her next single an exclusive.

The Dance Moms alum turned YouTube star will debut her next song, "Every Girl's a Super Girl," via Star Stable on April 11, where it will remain for two weeks before its worldwide release on April 27.

As part of the partnership, the multiplayer game will also introduce an avatar of Siwa that will reside in its horse-dominated fantasyland for 14 weeks. Users will be able to experience a dance choreographed for the Star Stable universe as well as dress the avatar in accessories — including Siwa's signature oversized bows. The character will be accompanied by a likeness of the 14-year-old's dog, BowBow.

With the track, Siwa said she wanted to send an empowering message to her young listeners.

"MeToo is a strong movement in Hollywood, but a lot of my fans and demographic are younger, and they don't really understand what's going on with it," she told Billboard. "I wanted to put something out for them, even for those who are 4 years old, that every girl is a super girl. No matter your age, your height, your weight, your color — whatever you are."

Siwa will perform the song live for the first time during Nickelodeon's inaugural SlimeFest, taking place June 9 to 10, in Chicago. She last released 2017 single "Hold the Drama."

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