*Editor Correction We received an email from Katie Phipps that Phipps was the one who wrote the letters from Jail.

"I wrote the letters to dateline while I was in jail for Jeremy's crime." Phipps replied

Back in April 2014, Amarillo police were called out to Helium Road on reports of a body near an SUV.

The police responded and found that it was the body of 32-year-old Robin Spielbauer.  That was the beginning of this crazy investigation.  Robin Spielbauer was the ex-wife of Jeremy Spielbauer. Three days after finding Robin's body, the police arrested Katie Spielbauer, the current wife of Jeremy Spielbauer, for her murder.

As the investigation progressed and moved on, the evidence started to point at Jeremy Spielbauer.

After three-years in January 2018, Jeremy Spielbauer was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-wife Robin Spielbauer.

Apparently, Jeremy wrote a letter to Dateline, and it seems they will be telling the story this Friday night in a 2-hour episode.

Joshua Mankiewicz reports on this murder.  This episode of Dateline is called "The Pink Gun Mystery," because a pink gun was used in the murder.

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