It is always so heartwarming when celebrities do something to make a child feel special.  And that is what Jon Heder did for 12 year old Mary Elizabeth!

Jon Heder, better known as Napoleon Dynamite, made this little girl's dream come true.  Mary Elizabeth Paris is a 12-year-old leukemia patient who just happens to love the movie Napoleon Dynamite.  When her nurses found out that she liked the movie, they bought it for her and then decorated her hospital room with gold!

The Twitterverse then exploded with people making pleas to Jon Heder to send her a message.  He did much better than that!  He sent her a video in Napoleon Dynamite character.

Not only did the message make her super happy, she sent him a thank you as Uncle Rico!  LOL.  For the entire amazing story, check out the NBC story below!

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