Doppler Dave has been an iconic member of our community for a long time. He has been a long time trusted source of weather information, and friend to many in our area.

Before I even moved to Amarillo, I knew who Doppler Dave Oliver is.

We were all shocked to learn this afternoon that Dave will be stepping away for a while as he receives treatment for prostate cancer. The announcement came on his Facebook page earlier this afternoon.

In the announcement, Dave let's everyone know he is not retiring. He will be going through treatment and recovery.

The outpouring of support from the community was practically immediate with the news being shared far and wide by people who have watched Dave Oliver bring them the weather.

He also went on to encourage all men over 50 to get checked. He does mention that it was caught early, so there is a "very high cure rate."

Doppler Dave does go on to promise that he will return when he is healthy enough to go back to work. Until then, we're rooting for you Doppler Dave Oliver and are hoping for a quick and speedy recovery.


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