Valentine's Day is right around the corner. How many girls will be getting candy and how many will be getting diamonds?

Based on buying patterns, about 7 million people are expected to get engaged on Valentine's Day. So that's basically everyone you know, plus the population of Los Angeles.

That's a 1,000 percent spike from the 6,000 proposals that happen every day, on average.

The most popular ring style of 2015 was the single halo.

Single Halo Engagement Ring








Jewelers have predicted that the double halo will be the most popular of 2016.

Double Halo Engagement Ring








If your special someone isn't ready to make that commitment, have no fear. Americans spend millions of dollars on flowers and candy on Valentine's Day. The odds are in your favor.

And if you haven't found that special someone just yet, Valentine's Day could be your lucky day. Dating sites see a huge spike in activity on the day of love. There are also several new movies coming to Netflix in February if you'd prefer to spend the evening alone.

Here are some unusual facts about Valentine's Day.