I would love to give a big THANKS to everyone who has supported me the last 4 years on Kiss FM. It really was a true honor to be in a category among some legendary Dj's in the Amarillo market. So for me to get this award means a lot to me. I have realized that Amarillo and the surrounding towns are the most loyal and loving people around. I've done radio in a handful of different cities and by far Amarillo is the BEST! Kiss Fm is the BEST station in the city and I hope to see my fellow co-workers (Brother & Sister) Dallas Chambers and Angel Dee receive this award in the future. People say I am a local celebrity but I tell them 'No im not...I just love what I do!' If it wasn't for you guys I would have not be where I am at now. I'm glad Amarillo has welcomed me with open arms. I will continue to play the hottest music, help our community, and give you some good laughs and pranks on Kiss FM.

So again I would like to give thanks to Amarillo for having the best listeners in the world, Dallas Chambers (my brotha) for believing in me, Angel Dee for being momma to the station, my family for supporting, and finally the one person who will NEVER JUDGE me GOD!


Oh ya I would to say thanks to "One Direction" watch the video below...Enjoy!

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