Justin Bieber was reportedly offered $5 million to perform at an event for the Republican National Convention. And he might have accepted it, too, were it not for the intervention of manager Scooter Braun ...and LeBron James (???).

The offer -- according to sources over at CAA, the talent agency that represents Bieber — involved a 45 minute performance at a venue close to 2016 RNC venue Quicken Loans Arena in Ohio, reports TMZ.

The promoter who approached Bieber claimed the event where he’d be performing was “not political" in itself, and said Bieber’s appearance would not serve as a public endorsement of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The hefty payout — which would’ve been the biggest of Bieber’s career — was reportedly raised by GOP donors who were willing to pay him “up front,” and cover all other production expenses in the process.

Bieber considered playing the concert, but manager Scooter Braun (who happens to be a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter) had major reservations about it.

He initially tried to convince Bieber to put up Black Lives Matter banners around the venue, but the GOP donors would only accept “All Lives Matter” banners, defeating the entire purpose of the BLM movement. The donors also told Bieber he couldn’t say anything to oppose Trump or the Republican party as a whole during the appearance.

Braun eventually conceded to Bieber and told him the decision was, ultimately, his. But Braun made it clear that if Bieber accepted the offer, he would no longer represent him.

And to add to the scumminess of it all: The promoter reportedly told Braun that Ohio native LeBron James would also be in Cleveland at the time, attending a similar, supposedly non-political GOP event, as well. But when Bieber’s team reached out to LeBron’s, they said the basketball star would not be in Cleveland — and they implored Bieber to stay home, too.

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