What happens when you mix the sultry sounds of Ne-Yo with the sweet and soothing voice of Justin Bieber? You get one heck of a mash-up. The Biebs shared a ‘Fa La La / Sexy Love’ mash-up from YouTube user RaheemdaplayaO4 via his official Facebook page, and we have to agree with the 17-year-old ‘Baby’ hitmaker: “this is sick!”

Obviously, the mash-up is a blend of two songs, but this creative user went a step further and actually welded the two black and white music videos together, as if they were meant to be one all along. The clip goes from a minute’s worth of Ne-Yo in his bedroom to Bieber in a warehouse, singing his holiday hit with help from Boyz II Men and back to Ne-Yo again, sexin’ it up with a lady in the bed.

We especially love how Bieber’s line, “Baby, you’re the reason to be jolly” melts into Ne-Yo’s “that’s why I’m always keeping you around / My sexy love.”

The creator of this mash-up clearly has an eye — and an ear — for things that pair well together. “This is my mashup I made because I felt these songs suited each other almost perfectly, the lyrics, music video and harmonies, I love both of these songs,” he says. “I hope you enjoy my mashup.”

Thanks, RaheemdaplayaO4, we absolutely do!

Watch the Justin Bieber and Ne-Yo ‘Fa La La / Sexy Love’ Mash-Up Video

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