There's a new meaning to the Ne-Yo song 'So Sick.'

Have you ever had a physical reaction to a piece of music so strong that it caused you to vomit uncontrollably? If so, you might be suffering from musicogenic epilepsy, just like Zoe Fennessy.

According to the Daily Mail, 26-year-old Zoe has seizures that are triggered by Ne-Yo's singing voice. If she hears any of his songs or the tone of his voice, she freezes up and begins to vomit uncontrollably.

Ne-Yo's popularity has made her life increasingly difficult, as his songs are often played in public at random and without warning. Whenever Zoe leaves her home, she is forced to listen to her own music via headphones, just in case a shop is playing something by the 'She Knows' singer. If she does recognize a Ne-Yo song: "Whenever I hear the first few beats of the song I have to drop whatever I am doing and run."

According to her doctors, it looks like there is no set reason as to why Ne-Yo, in particular, sets off the seizures. A recent trip to Majorca left Zoe miserable, as Ne-Yo had just released the popular song 'Play Hard' featuring David Guetta and it was being played everywhere. Zoe told the Daily Mail: "I have had to go up to DJs in places and say 'look can you not play Ne-Yo,' and they just look at me like I'm an alien."

Musicogenic epilepsy is not a disorder specifically attributed to the music of Ne-Yo or Zoe, as it has been experienced by other people with other artists. According to Gawker, a woman from New Jersey had the same reaction whenever she heard Sean Paul's music. The worst part? He happens to be her favorite singer. Luckily for her, however, she had brain surgery and it was successful.

Despite an attempt at relieving her seizures by having part of her left temporal lobe removed, Zoe still has a seizure whenever she hears Ne-Yo: "I'm still left with the singer Ne-Yo causing my seizures," she sad. "And I will be forever."

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