What do you get when you put together Kanye West, a bunch of puppets, and Kim Kardashian in a Princess Leia bikini?

Thanks to some old footage that has leaked onto the Web, we now know the answer: the never-aired pilot for ‘Alligator Boots,’ the grown-up puppet variety show that West and Rhymefest tried to get off the ground back in 2005. Comedy Central passed on the project, but thanks to the magic of YouTube, now you can see it for yourself — and you really have to see it to believe it.

The show, created in conjunction with Jim Henson Creations, is a wacky blend of parody (including a few jokes poking fun of West’s difficult reputation), traditional comedy sketches, and risque puppet humor. These definitely aren’t the Muppets you’re used to — ‘Alligator Boots’ has more in common with ‘Avenue Q’ than ‘The Muppet Show.’

And yes, at one point, a not-yet famous Kim Kardashian shows up, wearing Princess Leia’s metal slave bikini from ‘Return of the Jedi.’ Like we said, you have to see it to believe it — just make sure your boss isn’t around, because these clips are decidedly NSFW.