Kim Kardashian is as famous for her bombshell style as she is for, well, that sex tape she made a while back. However, the reality starlet is getting a new wardrobe, courtesy of her boo, Kanye West — and, like everything else in her life, it’s being chronicled on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’

“Our tradeoff was that if I got rid of all of my clothes, he would fill my closet,” Kardashian said in a voiceover. “I’m freaking out!”

West, who unofficially signed on as Kim’s new stylist when they first started dating, kept his cool, and similarly to his first appearance on her show, he can’t stop smiling. “Look at how dope this s— is!” he said with delight as he rummaged through a rack of new duds. He helps Kimmy pick out new ensembles using a pretty simple method. “Let’s look at all the super freshest s— we have, then go down from there.” Kardashian models for West, and he expresses his approval: “Getting on best dressed lists now. You’re stepping into this territory. You look amazing — it’s a new Kim!”

West is hands on, literally, with his new mannequin, adjusting her clothes every which way, before telling her, “You look amazing.” Kute! But we’re a little concerned with Yeezy having to make his girl over, considering before she was famous, Kardashian worked as a stylist herself. Apparently her true talents lie elsewhere. We’re just trying to figure out what they are — especially because she’s a ‘Perfect B—-.’

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