I gotta admit, I find Wife Swap to be quite the entertaining show!  And to know that a Celebrity Wife Swap is here, oh that's just so good it has to be fattening I have GOT to check this show out!  Who's the lucky guests of honor in the upcoming episode?  Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson!  Too bad she didn't marry Huge Hefner, because THAT would have been some TV gold!

Allow me to ponder on this, isn't Kate Gosselin the woman with 8 children that is divorced from her husband?  Yeah!  WTH?  Kate is NOT married, and she's not a celebrity.  So for her to appear on Celebrity Wife Swap makes no sense because she can not deliver on the criteria for the show!  She's not a wife and she's not a celebrity!  Basically, she's going to let former play-mate Kendra go crazy trying to take care of her 8 kids, while she lives the life of luxury in a mansion!

Are you following me here?

I fell so bad for Kendra, she has no idea what she's getting into!  Having to deal with 8 children would drive even the most experienced of moms crazy!  Kate's going to be sucking down free food and drinks pool side at a mansion, while Kendra pulls her hair out 1 piece at a time.  Well, I guess they are looking for drama.


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