The world, especially the men, were in an uproar after Sports Illustrated made Kate Upton the cover model for their Swimsuit Issue.  And now she is steaming up TVs with her hot and steamy Carl's Jr. commercial.

The SI cover girl is heating it up with the new Southwest Patty Melt from Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. Kate Upton is at a drive in and is seen chowing down on the burger.  Apparently the jalapenos were so hot that she is sweating down her cleavage and has to remove her pink sweater.

Of course, there is a guy at the drive in who can't take his eyes off her.  This is exactly what we expect from Carl's Jr.

Kate Upton now joins Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Padma Lakshmi a burger eater/sexual object.

Fellows, I'm sure you will appreciate the "creativeness" that the burger chain put into this commercial.  Ladies, this commercial is just another reason not to eat there.

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